Share app to a domain - stable or latest version

I have two questions regarding sharing a app to an entire domain:
Does it share the stable or latest version?
is it correct then, that all users form this domain can access and see my app when they have the link to the app?

Thank for you help.

Hi Sylvain,

Did you find the answer to this question? I have the same question.



Hello Andy - I didn’t get an answer yet - we made some tests - an as far as we found out - that if you share an app to a entire domain - the stable version is shared.

hope that helps, Sylvain

Thanks Sylvain.

For anyone else asking this question, we discovered that there is an entry in the manage/ versions/stable version area which controls what percentage of users get the latest version. The default is 0%, meaning all domain users get the stable version. If you change this, some users will get the latest version, but you don’t know who. This could be a useful final test in certain rollout circumstances.

If you want to specify particular individual users to get the latest version, add them into the regular users section. This overrides the general domain setting for them.



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not sure if you all read this, but this post should be helpful.

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