Share app with several accounts


I’m trying to share app with… let’s say 250-300 emails. They are all part of domain. I can share the app with the entire domain but I want only that 250-300 employs to open and use the app.

So I have 2 questions:

  1. Is there any way to share app with a lot of emails instead add them one by one and share it (if they are not part of domain)?
  2. If I share the app with entire domain does my app be visible (or listed in search somewhere) to all employees which are part of the domain?

Kind of… If you paste a list of comma-delimited emails into the Add-User form it will split them up into individual invites in groups of 20 max. If you paste in more than 20, it will only take the first 20-- unless you have a business account.

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