Share button on bottom of App

Is there any way to add the share button to the bottom of the app instead of in the menu?

Go to UX pane, Options tab, and turn off “Allow five views in the bottome navigation bar”



Darn, I was hoping I could just add the share button on the bottom. I already have 4 views down there and I was just hoping I could just add a share button. Any other cool tricks to do that?

Unfortunately, this is only one way to move the share button to the button.

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Ok, thank you

Why dont you create a details view where you place a button or inline action “External Start Email” with body where you place the link to your app (app url).

And place that view to the bottom.

Technically you can manage what you want I believe.


Ya, I was thinking the same thing. I was just hoping there was a simple option I could select somewhere for that. The share button is nice because it allows for sending as a text or e-mail

Good man, I suggest you place your custom share button in that way.

Once again thanks for the help. Stay safe out there

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Always pleasure and thank for your kinds words.

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