Share function

I’d like the share function that is usually in the menu as a view option. So when add a new view, you could select share as the view type and the rest of the options disappear. I know the share function exists when you turn off the allow five view items at the bottom, but I think it should always be an option to take up space. Your share function works really well, and it is a shame that it is hidden in the menu function. I have an app that I would like people to share, but I have four view items, and I would like the last to be a share function. I put something together to allow for sharing using workflows, but it’s clunky in comparison to the native share function. Please open up this ability.


Generating the custom share button replacing Appsheet default button may help to satisfy your requirement?

I created quick sample to address this workaround fyg.

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Hey, that’s really clever, way better then what I put together.

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