Share own experiences with Community ; Re run OCRTEXT() on the form

I have been seeing bunch of buggy behaivior which is annoying, but I take it a positive side effects which we appsheet creator and users need to be patient for a while, as it is a sign that Appsheet dev teams are working on this excellent platform to introduce new features, upgrade, reskin etc.
If the platform is “stable” it also could be a sign, there might be no recent upgrate of the versions, no new features etc, which keep the platform unchanged. Anyway, I dont welcome any bugs though.

For the Appsheet creators using “OCRTEXT” features, I noticed this expression kicked into the Initial value of the text data type will capture the text out of the image taken on the new form. However, when we abondan the image and retake photo on the same form, OCRTEXT expression not to be re-run, i.e. did not capture and scrape the text on the photo retaken.

Now Appsheet team fixed it.

Abondan image, and retake. Keep scraping text by clearing the text value which was taken initially out of first and previous image taken.

My clients claimed they need to reopen new form when they need to retake the photo all the time as expression wont capture the text in case of retaking images on device, but now they have more flexibility to keep taking photo to the extent of their satisfactory.

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Hi @tsuji_koichi I don’t really understand what you mean. To me it was always working: When you delete an image, the OCRTEXT column will be cleared out automatically.
It is not working, when you “interact” with the OCRTEXT column. For example, when you add some text to the OCRTEXT column. After that it will not be cleared out.

In the Reset on edit? from the OCRTEXT column I use the expression ISBLANK([_THIS]) .
With that you can add an image later when you open the form again.

Instead of using the expression OCRTEXT() in the initial value, you can use it also in the App formula.
Depends on your usecase.

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Open the new form and take Image and then other column with initial expression of ocrtext referring to image fields will extract the text out of image file.

Then user notice this is not a right image. They hit cross icon to remove image and then Retake photo .

Until appsheet fix problem, ocrtext expression did not run again , meaning we could not get the texts out of new image which was upload again.

But now we take new photo , then it will extract texts from new image file.

The behavior you describe was working for me for at least 1 or 2 years now. So to me this is no new feature.

Okey good. For me it didn’t work. But not sure why it wasn’t but luckily all working fine now.

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