Sharing a datasource with team members

Hi everyone,

we are planning to migrate an AppMaker app to AppSheet (So we are using a pro account). I successfully created a connection to our existing CloudSQL table.
However, when a team meber wants to add a table from that same connection he can’t.

I guess this is what team data sources are for. However, I can’t find any details on how to make my existing datasource a team datasource. Or how can I share a datasource?

Is this simply not possible? How are other people co-developing apps similar to how it was done in AppMaker

Hi @Konrad_Schaefers,

Whiles I haven’t connect AppSheet with the Default-Cloud-SQL, I did connect AppSheet with the Custom-Cloud-SQL database. And Actually to share the same database table to my team, he just need to access My-Account>>Source and add the database from there.
My Setting is like below:

Soon after, my team member can add the Existing tables to AppSheet.

ps: I forgot if also I granted access also through GCP or using the service account access is sufficient, need to check that.

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Yes, each user can add their own datasource (which can be the same).

However, if we want to collaborate on one app (a key feature of AppMaker) it’s impossible to add a table to an existing app that I created.
When they try to do so, they get a notification that they need to create a team datasource. However that feature seems to be a business pricing plan feature only:

this is really critical for us moving from AppMaker to AppSheet, as we can’t rely on a single person maintaining an app.


Please contact to discuss your circumstance.