Sharing a row can preset email and subject be used

When sharing a row can preset email and subject line be used so that it is automatically entered?

I believe you may wish to elaborate more on your requirement.

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When I click on share, it calls my default mail program Outlook to email the row/record I am in. Is it possible to have a preset email address and subject line in that email.

You can have an action “External: Start an email” and you get there the columns to fill. (To/Subject/body)


Thank you Alex. That is exactly what I was looking for but the body is empty. What do I put in the body so that it pulls the data of the row as I see it on the screen?

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In order to reference columns from the current row, you must [dereference] _THISROW .


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Never played with it but I can see you can use formulas. Try adding the columns and see what you get.

I added the columns to the body field but it does not work. So close. All I want is the row data to be sent via email with present To/Subject but it does not seem that simple.

just tried it and it does work.

in my table I have a a column named driver which is ref to divers table.

if I put [Driver] in the body it will have the ID for the driver in the drivers table.

if I put [Driver].[Name], which means the value in the column Name from the table that Driver is ref, then it brings Johnny.

Show me your columns that you want to send

I was also thinking about the email.
Will the email always be the same?

I added a new SendEmail table ref to MainTable and ref to ContactsTable
The action Email actually opens SendEmail_Form and there you can select to which contact to send it.
When the form is saved there is another action running which is the actual Start an email action