Sheet formula incorrectly replicated in new row

Hi, I have used formula in my data sheet as the functions I require (trig functions) are not available directly in the App (sin, cosine, tan etc).

When I create a new row, the formula are replicated and values are calculated accordingly. However, one function is being replicated incorrectly and that is the ATAN2(x, y) function which when replicated increments as if it were a cell reference i.e. it becomes ATAN3(x, y).

Is there any way in my formula to indicate that ATAN2 should not be incremented?


Ha! Found a way to ‘fix’ it. I had created the formula directly in the sheet via Google Drive. However if I re-edited the formula via AppSheets in the ‘Auto Complete’ section for the column then it works fine.

I guess Sheet Formula should be entered via the AppSheets interface!