Sheet function in MySql

Im building an app as a proof of concept for a company. Im using google sheet as my data. Right now i creating an inventory management module in which i use sheet formulas to keep an update of stock.
Should i chose to move my app to MySql, could formulas be implemented in MySql as well?

Definitely not.

Thats what i thought.
So the question is, how can i sum not in a virtual column, data from other tables?

Not sure your exact use case, but virtual column is the best place to run the calculation dynamically.

I know. Here is the thing.
I have a table with all products IDs and details.
A user requests a product in a form and the request is then approved, meaning that the total products in the main table should be updated to minus 1 of the original sum. This works with a virtual column, however, since my data is integrated with another softwate, i need the actual on sheet data to update.

@tsuji_koichi can i run a daily report that causes a data change in rows so it forces an edit thus re calculating app formula?

You’ll need to use actions for this.

You can, if you’re okay with updates occurring infrequently rather than in near real time.

@Steve thanks, that is what i did, not ideal, but the best there is.

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