Shift Managing Tool


I am trying to create an app which will allow me to allocate a User or Team (user maybe part of team) to a shift and I want to update Users profile with that shift.

Ideally I would select the Date/Time of the shift, then either select User or Team (which would auto populate Users of the team), then I could select multiple Users from drop-down and save.

Once saved, I would see multiple users (those I has selected) with the shift I had allocated.

Advice of setting this up would be much appreciated.

Sorry, each User and allocated shift would require its own row in google sheets, so not multiple User names in one cell.


welcome Geoffrey to AppSheet

If I understand correctly, you will have two tables, one where you will have your user catalog and another where you will create the groups.

It is something like if a customer enters a store and buys several products, and although they all remain on a ticket, a line is actually generated for each product purchased

take a look at the following example and it might help

Order Capture


Thanks @Hugo_Serrano

This partially works, thank you.

How would I best recall Users from a team ( I am guessing a dereference…) but how would that create a shift for those in the team and create a line for each member?