Shipping Manifest

ok, I was hoping to figure this out on my own but need some guidance on the logic.
I have an internal app with an inventory table and a sales table The available inventory gets deducted as orders are placed and a column is prepopulated to indicate an item has not shipped yet. That works fine.

The user can then list open orders and go into an order with linktofilteredview and use table quick edit to mass change the products shipping today. What I’ve managed to make happen at this point is a workflow gets triggered when the shipping status is set to TRUE, this workflow sends an email for each item shipping.

What I would like to have happen is a single email gets sent for the entire order that is shipping today so the user can print out the PDF and put it in the box as a manifest. I can see how to do this using a helper column and making generating the shipping manifest email as a separate action triggered by the user, but I am trying to make it a single action that is triggered when the mass change happens on the open orders view.