Shortcut icon on phone

When I deployed my last app and created a shortcut, it appeared using the brand App logo that I had imported. When I do the same with this prototype, it has the default Appsheet one only. Is this because of the deployed vs prototype status?

The brand launch image does work in the prototype, and the custom logo appears in my apps listing. Just not when I make a shortcut

What device are you on? How are you creating the shortcut - manually or through AppSheet?

Probably. @Aleksi?

It should not have anything to do with the prototype mode. It should work as normally.

It’s on an Android. When I go into App Gallery I can see the custom icon, however when I click Add shortcut the only option is the default one.

Any updates on this? I’m having the same issue. I’ve set the App Logo and Launch image, but the shortcut on my phone screen always comes up as the default “scales” icon.