Should I use a normal table or slice?

I have tables with similar column properties and no similar properties. My question is; Is it more logical to combine these tables in a table and separate them using slices, or is it better to use them as separate tables? If I use it separately, the number of tables will increase and this will affect the speed of the application? There will be empty columns in the use of slice. Is this a disadvantage?

Hi @Pointer

I think I will choose to manage it in one Table.
This is not only because of the loading speed of the app, but also because in the long run, having similar data in different tables will have a negative impact on analysis and maintenance.

I often set up a column called “Record Type” to define the Slice, View, and Action that the record requires.

However, this choice is an outline, and I choose accordingly depending on the case.


Hi @Takuya_Miyai, Thank you for your answer, I cannot decide too, because combining tables is difficult and blank cells will appear in each record, this topic makes me think.

Separate tables.


Hi @Steve
I combined it in the same table. Do you suggest separating again now? Can you explain why it should be separate, I’m just at the beginning of the road.

Having a single table with two disjoint data sets just doesn’t make sense to me. It adds complexity and wastes space. But that’s my preference; it may not be yours.

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Thank you, yesterday I combine the tables, parted again today, I hope I don’t regret it.

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