Should I use AppSheet?

Before I learn how to use AppSheet, I want to know if the following is possible.
In a sheet
Data in rows.
Data starts at row 3
“Control” Data and column headers in Rows 1 and 2

When a cell value changes some macros will already execute.
Once they have I would like to use AppSheet to
Compare the value in a cell for the row that has changed with a value in the cell in row 1 of the column in which the cell has changed.
If the cell value is less than the value in the row 1 cell for that column,
And if a notification has not been sent then:
Send an email to previously identified recipients (Would need a table(sheet) of values)
And mark the notification as sent for that row.

We need to unset that the notification has been sent once a value in the row is set to be greater than the value in cell 1 for that row.

Is this doable?

To be fair, all of this has been done with macros with the exception of sending the notification by email.
By someone who understands macros (not me) but could not figure out how to send an email.

So perhaps a simpler question might be:
Can we use AppSheet to easily send the email?


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Cool. Thanks