Show a new column to fill if the user press "Yes" on a y/n question

Well, I haven’t found any hint about how to do it, but it could mainly be because I’m not sure about which words should I use to search for it, because I think that it’s a quite basic thing.

I’d like to show a column on the form depending on what did the user answered before.
For example, making a Y/N question like:
Do you have a car? [Y/N]

And if the user press yes, it shows a column to input the brand of the car.

Thanks for your time :slight_smile:

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Tried it before, but didn’t work.
I changed the Y/N column to an Enum with Y and N options and it worked fine.


Show_if expects a Y/N data type. A Y/N column value is a Y/N data type. All you’d have to do there is set show_if to the column value.

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