Show a Veiw if

Need help with a show if expression.

I have a tabel called Area that has a colomn called Area with 2 enum options in it.
CoPack and Warehouse.
I have 3 other tabels that reference the Area tabel
I have 3 veiws of the 3 tabels for the CoPack option and what im trying to do is only show the veiws if CoPack is selected in the Area colomn in the Area Tabel.

i have an idea on how to costruct the showif formula but im getting it wrong.

Can anyone help with this

Show where?

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in general at the bottom

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so when i select copack in the Area tabel it only shows the veiws saying Lsealer, flow wrap and pallet wrap

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Select how?

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Hello Steve just had massive realisation i have it structured wrong but thaks for taking the time to respond