Show a view in the UX but not the detail...?



Appreciate the subject line is a bit odd :slight_smile:
Basically I’m trying to create a view which has a padlock on it - meaning everyone can see it but only certain people can access the detail behind it, which of course I will control dynamically from my users table.
Does anyone have an idea how I could implement this?
Ideally I’d like to place a default message inside the view when clicked (when they don’t have access to it) which says “Please contact us to gain access to this view” etc etc…?


Hmm just thinking this through…
I guess I could have 2 views, one which is shown to those who don’t meet the dynamic criteria and the other which does - I could then just have a dummy table with a single record to display a message in place of the “padlock” view. Trying it out

You could use Show_If to hide the column for unprivileged users. You could also add a (virtual?) column of type Show to show only to unprivileged users with your message.

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