Show action name for "Display overlay" on hover by mouse

We deveployed new apps recently to new clients (the end users are new to appsheet as always), and getting the feedbacks. Among others, majorities of new app users are claming they are now sure what Action icon/button will do, so they are bit scared to hit the action icon as they are not expecting what will happen to him/her.

The action icon placed in Display prominently position, the action name below the icon is a good indication what the action action will do for the app users, while the action icon for the display overlay position not necessarily telling app user what the action will do and why they are there.

Ideally, app need to be “intuitive”, better to avoid the prepartion of “guide to app” or any other documentation so that the app user use app. App need to be intitive enough.

Lack of capability to show, present and display the name of action for overlay is making app user to difficult to navigate across the apps.

Just simple solution shold solve the problem.

We wish to have “On hover by mouse” event and then tooltips will show up, upon hovering the icon by mouse. On the mobile phone, there is no on hover mouse event is available, but we could utilize the “on holding down icon” event to display the icon names for soltion across different type of devices.

So you think that the confirmation popup is not enough?

No, not enough.