Show an error message when the current development tab is not the latest version

(Steven Aung) #1

It will be nice if we can see warning message showing the current development tab is not the latest version.

The current issue is we might do a lot of changes in an app development panel without realizing that it’s not in the latest version. Then we we try to save it, we got the error and we lost all those changes.
Preemptively showing an error message will be a life and time saver.

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(Michael) #2

How would this occur unless you have the app editor open in more than one browser window?

(Steven Aung) #3

Yes. Even opening an app editor in multiple tabs.

Sometimes, I might open the same app in two tabs. One for authoring and another one to do quick references such as look up column names.

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(Peter Dykstra (AppSheet)) #4

Hey @Steven_Aung, mind moving this to the #requests category? Want to make sure it stays on our radar, think this could be very useful.

(Steven Aung) #5

It’s moved to “Feature Requests”.

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(Peter Dykstra (AppSheet)) #6