Show Blank when result is 0


So I am using the below expression to count how many times a product code appears in the selected list, in this case “BS” is the code I am counting


The result is then put into a field named “Basic Service Qty”

I am then using the place holder <<[Basic Service Qty]>> to get that result into a PDF email template.

The above is all working fine but my question is, when the result is the number 0, how can I get the field to appear blank rather than showing 0?

Can this be done at the expression stage or can it be done within the template for the PDF?

Thanks in advance


Could you please try in the template an expression something like following

<<IF([Basic Service Qty]=0, NUMBER(""), [Basic Service Qty])>>


Amazing!! Thanks so much for that, I can now apply the same logic across the whole template.

Thanks again.

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