Show color palette and pre-selected check-boxes in dynamic forms


I am building an app to generate an inventory report for a kitchen machine wholesaler. The app is simple: (1) user selects brand and model of kitchen machine, (2) user selects color of kitchen machine, (3) user selects features of kitchen machine, (4) user generates report.

Questions/where I need help:

  1. Based on user selection in (1), can the app generate a list of colors to select from? (please see picture below)

  1. Can I have a feature that allows users to record a voice note and tag it to a specific record?

  2. Can the app generate a pre-populated list of options for the machine selected in (1). The nuance here is that every kitchen machine is customizable and within each model, there are standard options that come pre-fitted in all models and optional equipment that varies by model. I’d like the user to see a list of all possible equipment with model specific options pre-selected. This would allow the user to select additional options that may have been customized for a specific machine.

  3. Can the app generate pre-selected options in (3) as check-boxes in a horizontal stack (3 columns) as opposed to a vertical stack (one column only)?

Thank you

Hi, you are looking for a feature called dependent dropdown. Please check this article how to use it…

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#1 - In generally yes you can do that… sort of. You can use Enum field if you select the Image as a base type. Then you can use your own colors as images.
#2 - Not at this moment
#3 - Check the article
#4 - Yes if you use Enum field with buttons and the length of the value is suitable for 3 columns.


Thank you Aleksi - all clear and working fine now.