"Show?" column check box


I have an issue with my app being slow on the first opening of a detail view from the main table. If I have a formula or virtual column that is slowing it down, can I uncheck “Show?” to turn that calculation off or will the calculation still be made but just not shown?

I was thinking that I might be able to identify the offending expression this way.



You could try and see what happens. Let us know!

It has occurred to me that turning off the “Show?” button will remove the column from from any slice it is in and aslo any detail views and not replace it when I turn it back on! I would have to go back through and reorder everything i think.

If you turn off the Show_If formula for a column, then it will be hidden everywhere - but the complicated show if formula won’t be evaluated anymore - so if that’s the slow down it should remove it.


I’ll make a copy of the app and turn off expressions in that to try and find it. That way I won’t mess up the view layouts.

You can always revert your app to a previous version, pretty easily, as well. If you ever make a horrible change.

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