Show column depending on EnumList selection


I’m trying to show a column based on what value user selected in a Enum List (shopCategory). I tired putting the show if of the column as [shopCategory] = “Selected Option” but I’m getting the following error:

Cannot compare List with Text in ([shopCategory] = “Selected Option”)

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Do you wish toshow that column based on any specific value in enumlist column [ShopCategory] or for any and all categories in the enumlist column, meaning when it is non-blank?

Enumlist as the name suggests will select more than one option.

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For specific values, e.g, if user selected “Option A” from EnumList, I want to display a column relevant to that specific selected option.

Thank you. Could you please try in show if following

IN(“Option A”, [ShopCatgeory])


@Suvrutt_Gurjar Thanks.

And I assume there is a different expression for ENUM?

Nvm, I figured it out. It’s as simple as [shopCategory] = “Option Selected”

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Correct. Since Enum returns a single value always , one can simply compare with that value such as [ShopCategory]=“Option A”

Enumlist returns a list, so we need the list based compare expression.