Show column headers in select tables

Would be great if you could select specific tables to show headers while hiding headers in others rather than the all or none it is currently.

Indeed. There are many things that would be great if they were controlled on the individual view level instead of globally.

Good one! You got my vote… [Insert screenshot here] haha
partyparrot (Appsheet)

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You actually got my vote… This one is massive…

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I’d vote for that.

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FYI, there is another similar Feature Request.

That’s why he got my vote…
Lately I’ve taken to a spam the system approach, vs the votes… I feel like no one is a custodian of the feature request category. Thus, visibility is almost more important. :slight_smile:


Amen… :frowning_face:

I almost really forgot when i lost my vote… painful.

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As I’ve run across feature requests that have been completed, I’ve been trying to convert them to questions and solving them, hopefully releasing the votes attached to them. If someone wants to highlight completed feature requests to me, I’ll solve them.

If someone would like to highlight duplicate feature requests, I can solve the duplicates and include a reference to the earlier request. But I’d need someone to help me by bringing the duplicates to my attention and identifying the earlier request that takes precedence.


Uhoh! Did @Steve just raise his hand!?


I would surely like to help with my best