Show Column if date is today

Hi - I have built an attendance register for a small club. I have set up a table with rows corresponding to all the members and columns corresponding to the dates of planned weekly meetings. I have created separate views for each week and up to now I’ve been manually selecting the view for this week’s session to show on the primary screen and hiding the rest. Attendance can then be logged for that week very quickly by tapping on each name. That information is then used to calculate door fees and monitor numbers week by week. That all works fine but the set up seems very clunky. Is there any way I can dispense with all these separate views, and also the need to manual update the app each week, by using a SHOW_IF column constraint within the table to show only the column that corresponds to today’s date and to hide the others? Thanks

Realistically, you should reconsider the structure of your data. Having to manually add columns over time is cumbersome.