SHOW COLUMN TYPE Current settings: Text Forma...

(James W Rezin) #1

SHOW COLUMN TYPE Current settings: Text Formatting Rule 0.4 Colour Purple

Image below show on two different Screen Shapes: Widescreen and Square Screen

Issues: Cutting off of text Alignment of Text

Any Suggestions on how to improve this? Thanks in anticipation.

(James W Rezin) #2

Went got my tea and now have this.

(James W Rezin) #3

@praveen @Adam_Stone

I have shut the App, rebooted PC cleared Cache. No better. Same when Detail forms are in Dashboard or opened directly.

Was hoping to demo Client on Monday but not if its like this!

I am Co_author of app: EHSS_TimeEntry_ProtoV02 version 1.000287

(Aleksi Alkio) #4

Please check your support request.

(Tammi Canelli) #5

I had this issue once with one of my show columns.

I had to put the text inside quotation marks and it seemed to fix the issue.

(James W Rezin) #6

@Aleksi_Alkio Responded as requested. @Tammi_Canelli Tried that, no difference at the moment, but thanks for the thought.

(James W Rezin) #7

@Aleksi_Alkio @Tammi_Canelli @Madeline_Clarke_AppS

For the sake of completeness and furthering readers understanding:

Aleksi responded to my support call and did a good job at identifying the issue - Thanks

The issue was that I had used the Show Column in the Header section of the form and selected the Text Option.

This does not work properly in the header section of the form.

Strange as two of the options in Show are Page Header and Section Header.

The solution was to remove it from the Header section of the Form and place it as the First Column under Column Order.

Extract from Support Articles: =============================== Show types - empty columns in your spreadsheet that serve the sole purpose of improving the presentation of data capture forms. Show type columns are only permitted in Form views. There are six categories of show types:

Page_Header: used to create a new page within the form. Section_Header: used to create a new section within the same form page. Text: used to show some descriptive text. URL: used to show a clickable URL. Image: used to show a static image. Video: used to show an MP4 video. ================================= Madeline - Perhaps expand with a reference to not use text option in Form Headers, unless that is a bug.

Keep up the good work Appsheet Team