Show Column type not working correctly

Hi, So I wanted to create tabs in my form, I wanted to replicate what was done in the vehicle inspection sample app.
But in my case when I set the column as type SHOW all the columns below it disappear.
Plus they show up as heading and not tabs. Show type is also Page Header.

Before Show Column:

After Showw Column:

Any Help Would be Greatly Appreciated! :smiley:

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Below is what has worked for me. This was implemented a couple years ago before we had the capability of ordering columns within views and was the recommended approach at that time. Maybe there is another way now?

Basically, what I have done is created columns on the sheet placed where I want to group the columns under the tab. For example, in the image below I have a “Demographics” show column in the sheet. All the columns to the right up to the “Details” show column are shown on the Demographics tab. All column to right of the “Details” column up to next show column are shown on the Details tab. Ect…

Nothing special about the definition of the Show columns. Basically the same as yours.

Nothing special about the Form view. It shows the column based on the Table Order.

The resulting tabbed view looks like this:


Thanx But I Found the Solution, For some reason now when you put show columns the “Page style” doesn’t use Tabs as the default when you choose automatic, Issue was resolved once I manually changed “Page style” to “Tabs” :smiley:


But I am curious now that I have it working do you have to go to the end of the sequence in order to save?

Yes. You can do this by hitting Next on each tab OR simply choose the last tab by clicking on it at the top.

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Yup exactly what I thought, Thanks! :smiley: