SHOW column type question

From the help documentation I see: Show types - empty columns in your spreadsheet that serve the sole purpose of improving the presentation of data capture forms. Show type columns are only permitted in Form views".


  1. Do you have to have blank columns in the gSheet to support SHOW columns, or can I use a virtual column? I have tried using a VC and it seems to work, but…

  2. When the help says “Show type columns are only permitted in Form views”, does this mean the Show column description will not be visible in details view and will be visible in the Form view? I seem to be seeing the show column description in the detail view, but actually not in the form view (when editing).

any clarifications?

I use virtual Show columns exclusively.

In my experience, the Content property of a Show column is what AppSheet wants to display. My impression is that Show columns are implemented and handled somewhat inconsistently under the hood.

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Interesting. Feels better that you get inconsistent results too :slight_smile:

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