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Can I insert image in show column?
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Yes you can do that. You need to choose the image from category option under the column’s definition.



In this case, I have an image on my server and I show it using the URL. I put the URL in the “App formula” spot and in “Content” but I probably didn’t need to put it in both. I works, though.


@Aleksi, do I need to put the URL in both spots?

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Thank you Aleksi, you and other community team and all members always provide support and assistance to find quick and effective solutions.

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Content is enough, appformula is not needed. You don’t need to use CONCATENATE either, just the URL inside of “”.


Thank you Krik, It is very detailed explanation. I am very lucky to join this amazing community. Thanks again.


Thanks! The reason I used concatenate is that the URL is completed with RANDBETWEEN(1,10) to choose one of 10 images.

Gotcha :slight_smile:

So, I haven’t played with images a lot. When is it better to use a Show/Image column rather than just an Image column?

Hi @Aleksi, I found that a show type virtual column will require AppFormula whiles show type column will accept without AppFormula (content only). is this intended behaviour?

Here is my snapshot where I tried to insert kind of divider thing:

  1. with normal column
  2. with virtual column

When a formula is required like this (but we don’t really have any formula that we want to use) I think typing “TRUE” would work.

P.S. Virtual columns always seem to need an expression of some sort.


I’m trying to remember why I did it this way. My memory is rather fuzzy now but I think I preferred the placement of the image on the screen (one was a little lower on the screen than the other, I think).

I would say that Show type is used when you don’t request user to fill any image and it’s more like an informal image.

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Ah, ok, That makes sense and is a good rule of thumb.

Another place where you can use it… as you know the image is not shown with it’s full width on the detail view. But if you show the image from image column using a formula with the Show content, you can show the image with it’s full width.


All virtual columns require an app formula, regardless of column type.

The textual content for a column of type Show will be taken from the first of the following that is not blank (if I recall correctly):

  1. The Content expression.
  2. The App formula expression or the column value if not a virtual column.
  3. The column name (which will never be blank).

The Content expression is updated continuously while displayed, similar to how expression-generated column values update in form views. On the other hand, the App formula expression is only updated during a sync, or continuously if in a form view. So, use Content if you want to display dynamic text. Myself, I use virtual columns, set the App formula to "", and always use Content

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Thanks Steve, I understand know, the hint is this:

@Aleksi @Steve
I put the URL of image that save in My google drive in the content of “show” type definition, but the image didn’t appear in my form.

the form

Thank you in advance…

Please check the correct format from this article…

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