Show Columns in my old forms are Bold New Forms are Plain

Hello all,

Just want to bring to your attention that if changes have been made to the show columns, they did not effect the show columns already in existance. Evan though they are the same app. I have a app which I am adding some forms to and all new forms do not have bold show columns but the old ones still do,

See below. Not sure if this was meant to be or all existing show columns were not pulled along with the update.

Old Form example.

New Form example

Keep in mind these are both in the same app. Just Differant forms.


I’ve made a discovery. :wink:

It seems all virtual Show Columns are Bold and Columns in the sheet itself used as show columns are just plain text as seen above.

Intended behavior? Please confirm.
Did not know about this.


What Category are the columns involved?

These are all of Type “Section_Header”

What you thinking?

No Biggie, just wanted to point it out :slight_smile:

Sorry, my day ended 'fore I could get back to this. This definitely sounds like a bug. I’ll escalate.

Hey @Jonathan_S

That might be the result of the material design change; that section header is still bold, but it looks like it’s changed font so the bold isn’t as… boldy.
partyparrot (Appsheet)

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Yeah I know but just pointing out they forgot to carry virtual shows with this unless they are meant to be different.

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Could you help me answer this one? Its starting to nag me :slight_smile:

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Hi Jonathan, the fix will be in next week… that was a mistake on my end :slight_smile: forgot to carry those visuals.

Thanks for reporting this!


Awsome :), no problem.

Are they going to be all bold or all plain?

@Jonathan_S can you confirm both columns are Show type and Category Section Header? I’m having trouble getting a repro on this one (to answer your question… they should be all font-weight 400, so plain :slight_smile: )

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Confirmed. Both are Show Type Columns Set as Section Header :). I can give you access to app if need be to help resolve.


That would be great!

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