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I am having issues when I regenerate the column structure. I have some blank columns that I am using as page headers, but every time I regenerate, they are undo what I have done. I want them to Show, so that the headers show up in the app. However, every time I regenerate, what I have marked to show gets un-checked. WHY dear god WHY!? So much stupid time wasted on this. Would there be a reason this is happening? I really need to trust that it will just stay as it is if I re-generate, because I will need to do that fairly often.

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When you setup a spreadsheet or any kinda database back-end, either connecting that table to AppSheet or regenerating the table structure, AppSheet is set to determine the type of the table columns. To avoid any confusion like this, I explicitly set those kinda show column names i.e. Header, Section, Show1 etc. rather than meaningful names because I can change the display name the way I want inside the editor. I may advise checking the header names of those show columns in your table schema.

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