Show disabled action button

An option to not hide, but show an action button in disabled mode.

I can set a Y/N condition to show/hide the button, like have filled all the fields in that row (for example), or have at least 10 child rows, but the user might not now that and might not know what to do next and get stuck.

If the user can see a button but he cannot click (maybe in a different color - light grey), he will realize that he must do something to enable that button, improving the user-experience.

I agree with this user experience idea, but there’s a way you can do this now (and one that might actually help your users out a little in the process). :wink:

Instead of having just one action, you can create both of these actions that you’re wanting:

  1. the actual action, that’s full color and does what it’s supposed to; and
  2. the “inoperative” action, that’s greyed out (maybe even has a different icon, one with a slash) and that when pressed brings up a pop up (the confirmation message of the action) reminding them of what they need to do next to proceed.

You put opposed conditional statements for each action, so only the appropriate one shows at the appropriate time, and it gives the user the experience of the action “just changing color” :+1:

For the alert action, there’s a simple trick where you can create a group action - but don’t add any actions to the group - so when people press the action, the confirmation message appears but nothing happens (because there’s nothing to do). :slight_smile:


A further benefit of this type of alert method is that you can then put further actions into the group! So if you wanted the ability to direct someone to where they needed to go, you could create a deep link navigation action that takes them there.


That will do the job!

I’ve thought about making 2 actions, but I hadn’t thought about this way to make the action inoperative. And the idea to make deep links on that action makes it even better.

Thank you!

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