Show distance away from current location and mark as completed


My app starts with a card view of my customer list so the users can figure out which locations to visit next. Is there a way to display the “distance away” from the current location for each customer’s listing? That way the user can pick the next closest location to visit for maximum route planning efficiency. My Google Sheets data has the column header Current Location with data Lat Long HERE().

Also, the second question I have is, is there a way to show a check mark or highlight on a customer listing on the start page if that customer has been visited by my user already? This way they don’t visit the same location twice by accident?

Thank you so much.

Unfortunately, AppSheet doesn’t yet have the pieces to support your needs (hopefully coming soon now that the merger has settled)

I have heard of developers integrating with Google’s mapping service to get the driving distances. I believe that is free up to certain volume of calls. So with a little extra effort, you can get something useable that way.

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Can’t you put DISTANCE( HERE() , [there] ) in a virtual column?

You can use a format rule for this.

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To clarify:

  • Yes, you could use DISTANCE(HERE() , [there]) in a virtual column, but this provides only the straight-line distance (“as the crow flies”), which may or may not be an accurate indicator of driving distance or driving time.

  • True, AppSheet does not have the pieces built-in to provide accurate driving distance or driving time.


Yes, and I almost blurbed about it. There are two issues with the DISTANCE() function. The first is as @Steve commented. It is only straight line distance. Probably not helpful in this use case.

The second, more problematic issue is that the function requires two coordinates. HERE() is easy enough to get. But the [there] is not. Since apps typically store only addresses, a developer is still stuck with obtaining the coordinates to that address - something AppSheet doesn’t yet do. Again, third party services can help.


Ahh, yes, I understand, thanks.