Show/Do Not show action based on column in another table

Good Afternoon

I’ve created an app that is similar to Order Capture How To and allows me to add/flag other asset with an uniqueID belonging to the one Row entry. I aim to use this later to generate invoices.

This works fine until I then move these ‘Deployments’ to a Deployed State (i.e. I’ve handed over the items to customers and make them sign for it.

My problem lies with the deployments that have been completed and signed for → The assets associated to the Deployment (i.e. via the uniqueID) can still be edited and have new assets added to them. I want to avoid this.

When I set the Action for that particular table (i.e. I’ve two different tables; one for Deployments and then one for Assets to Deploy.) I can set it so it only shows for whatever values that are contained in that table.

As I want to set it so it only shows if the Status Column of the other table is set to Pending, I entered the formula: [DeploymentID].[Status]=Pending.

This unfortunately did not work.

Is there any way I can set it so actions only show/do not show conditionally off data that exists in a completely separate table? My architecture is very similar to that of the Order Capture How To sample app.

Kind regards