Show enum#2 only if enum#1 is used

Hi folks.

How do I hide “dropdown#2” on my form until “dropdown#1” has had a selection made? This will also need to reflect on the final results page.

I’ve searched but can’t find anything, sorry to be a pain.


You just need to set the Show_If expression on your dropdown#2 column to something like:

IsNotBlank([dropdown#1]) = True

Just in case (because I couldn’t find it at first), you need to go in to the Edit detail for the column to set the Show_If expression first time around.

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Thanks for the quick reply Daniel. Unfortunately your advice works only when the form is freshly loaded. It doesn’t hide or show the dropdown#2 when I select/clear dropdown#1.

Any suggestions?

I appreciate your help mate


dropdown#2 show_if expression says:


Thanks anyway for your help

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