Show field from another form?

Hi, I have just started using appsheet, helping a non-profit with an app to do health screenings in developing countries. I want to display the contents of a field in one view (Patients) as a read-only field in another view (Patient Visits), and having a hard time getting the expression right. Both fields have the same name in both views. Do I need to use a Ref or LINKTOROW? Thanks for any advice.

Is it just one item in a form that needs to be read only or an entire table of data?

Just one item (field) in the form that needs to show up in the other. Patient Visit form needs to look up the patient in the Patient form and display the contents of the Prescribed Medication field for that patient.

Just so we get the words right here. In Appsheet a spreadsheet tab is called a Table. A Form is what you use to create or edit rows in those Tables. A Column is an item within a Form and is also a Column within a Table. Appsheet uses the following syntax - Table_Name[Column_Name]

So you want to pull data from Patient[Prescribed Medication] and dispaly it in a form when you are editing or creating an entry in the Patient Visit table? Is Patient Vist a subtable of Patient?

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That’s correct, but Patient Visit is a separate table from Patients (two separate tabs on the spreadsheet).

ANY(Select(Patient[Prescribed Medication],[Patient Name]=[_ThisRow].[Patient Name]))

Assumes you have a column called [Patient Name] in both tables

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Wow, thanks, it works! I never would have figured that out on my own, and I wasn’t finding anything online that would do that.

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