Show four column in table view

Hello Everyone,
I am creating a view in an app in which I need to show four columns out of 8. now I’m only able to see two columns. Kindly suggest me with settings.

You can choose which columns to display with adding your columns to the Column Order property of the your Table and Detail view.

@LeventK I did try this setting but still i can see only two columns.
Is it because of big Column name ?
Can we reduce the width of column manually ?

If your column headers are too wide, then it’s possible. AppSheet automatically re-sized the column widths. But you can enable horizontal scrolling from UX > Options > TABLE VIEW > Use horizontal scrolling

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Thank you so much @LeventK, It works. I can know even put more than four columns…Lol

You’re welcome @Sameer_Rane

@LeventK Can we merge two table views and show it as a single view.

It’s not possible to do that

Is there any other way to show particular column from multiple tables in a single view. @LeventK

You can only do that in sheet level, not in AppSheet. You can create a tab with some QUERY expressions to collect data from distinct sheets and then import this tab as a table in AppSheet. That’s the only solution.

Ok. Thanks alot

You’re welcome