Show hide issue

I have a show hide issue. I have a table with column “book out to” which is enum column with values of “A Job” and “Another Store” to select from. If “A Job” is selected another column will appear called “Job Number”. If “Another Store” is selected 2 other columns appear “Store Facility” and “Store Name” these 2 columns have Select expressions for drop downs based on another table.
What I need is if a value is entered into “Job Number” based on the selection “A Job” is entered I don’t want the user to then be able to select “Another Store” from the “booked out to” enum column, and visa versa. Is there an easy way to do this, I’m missing something? Thanks

You could use a valid_if in your “book out to” column that restricts the values based on another column.

Something like this: IF(ISNOTBLANK([Job Number]), LIST("A Job"), LIST("A Job", "Another Store"))

You might need to tweak it. That formula is basically saying: “if job number is not blank, only allow A Job, otherwise allow A Job or Another Store”.

Alternative to @tony’s suggestion, you could use an Editable_If expression on book out to: ISBLANK([Job Number]). This allows changes to book out to only as long as Job Number is blank.