Show Hide (Toggle) Icon Overlay

This thread is refering to my own previous post of ; -

I generated sharable sample app right here.

Using simple technique to toggle show hide action icon based on virtual column value. The challenge is to make this toggle action adhere to the loging user only. If the change in value on certain field is shared across the app users, the action to toggel show/hide is also "shared " across the users, which is a problem.
To solve and make this action assigned to each login user, tricks are kicked in.

On this sample, once the user “show” the action icons, and then change the value on the row, it will automatically toggle the action to hide the list of icon. This is another trick in place.



This toggle “operation” is actually adding/deleting rows with useremail value as child table, but actuall we dont need to interact with backend data base, and could stay as operation on Client (browser) only, like Matt previously highlighted in this FeatureRequest of

Those change in table to add / delete are only happens to client side, not being pushed to backend, which will eliminate the unnecesary sync ops which makes App runs faster.