Show if a filed and become blank based on previous field

Hi , I have two column , I make a condtion show_if in the second column based on the choice of the first colmun for exmple , if the first column equal “A” show the seconde column if it’s equal to “B” hide the seconde column , Until now it’s Ok, but when I type somthing in the second column data still always kept normally when I hide it the data should be deleted the filed should become blank

There’s no built-in way to do this. Once the use has interacted with the second column, automatic processing of the second column value–such as clearing its value in response to the first column–stops until the form is saved or canceled. The only work-around is to use a Form Saved event action to blank the column value after the form is saved.

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thatnk you but The topic you shared with me doesn’t treat in details what I’ m looking for , I hope to find a tutorial that explain step by step but I’dont find , unforunately