Show if based on column header

Hello is it possible to tell appsheet to show me a column based on the header and not on what is in the column? Example Header is today’s date and I want it to show me the information in that column and so on for the day after. its like an app that tells me what to do for the day.


I suspect you might want to reconsider how you intend to structure your data. AppSheet cannot add columns to a table, so you’d have to add them yourself manually from the app editor. You’ll probably get tired of this even before you get done building your app.

i am working on a schedule app. as you can see in the picture the column headers are the dates and underneath are the tech names with the corespondent task to do for the day. All i want is that in appsheet they have an option to see 2 days from today and until 14 days from today.

Yeah, AppSheet isn’t designed to work with data structured like that.

thank you Steve, I did find a way but the problem is that it will take up too much time. I just need to figure out a way to only have it as a display nothing else in appsheet.

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