Show If based on value selected in parent form

This is probably easy but it escapes me:

In my Parent form I have an enumlist (Domestic, Commercial, Institutional)

I also have an inline form that requests additional details (Child form)

There is a field in the child form I would like to show only if, in the Parent form, the “Domestic” value is chosen.

I put:


in the show_if of the child form field but this doesnt work.

Is there a different expression I should be using?

Try this:


Hope it works

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Hi Fernando,

Not sure what the ID_PARENT is. I have a parent table:

m_property = House
m_contacts = Owner and tenant details

When collecting the owner tenant details, I want to show or hide some questions based on whether the House is categorised as a commercial property or just domestic.

I am not sure how to use your expression as I dont want to hardcode the parent ID

What is the name of the parent table?

What is the name of the Ref-type column in the child table that refers to the child’s parent row?


The name of the Parent Table is

  • m_property

The name of the Ref-Type column is

  • propid

Hope this helps

@Steve @Fernando_Lopez

Thanks to both of you I was able to piece it together. Fernando’s expression and Steve’s question on the Ref-type column made the light go on upstairs. It works, Thanks!!


Outstanding! Good job!