Show IF Expression for = only when text added in the sheet column

Hi All

Can anyone Help me on, to Show a view only when new text comes in a sheet.
Show IF Expression needed for a view…

Hello @AUXWORK, we need to know more about your app structure (tables and columns) in order to help you with the expression.

And we also need to know more of what you’re trying to accomplish, when “new text comes in a sheet” you mean that an user made an entry using a form inside the app? or if someone changed a value directly on the sheet underneath?


Thanks Rafael…

Let say i am having form columns in a sheet (which is a Shared sheet for 2 apps)… from the 1st app when i enter details in the form… it will be stored in my sheet columns…

When this data comes-in… i need to show a view in my second app… For this i want an show if Expression.