Show_If expression is ignored for virtual columns

Dear all,

Based on a yes/no column [Active], I’d like to hide a virtual column of type ‘List’ that holds Ref elements to another table using REF_ROWS("myData", "ID") in both Details and Form view.

Using the Show_If expression [Active] or [Active] = TRUE I can successfully hide conventional spreadsheet columns, but fail for any virtual column types tested (List, Ref, Decimal)

Even with Show_If = FALSE the virtual columns are displayed.

Does anybody know how to achieve this allegedly simple task?

Thanks for sharing your ideas :+1:

Hello @pawa , could you share with us a few screenshots of how your virtual column look inside your app even after using show_if=FALSE ?

show_if expressions can only completely hide columns inside forms, as stated in the documentation


Hi Rafael,

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

There is an option under UX > Options to make show-if constraints work globally:

The option was turned off. Now having it activated, virtual columns are effectively hidden also outside from the form view.

So to conclude: this global flag seems to be ignored for spreadsheet columns rather than show_if being ignored for virtual columns. :laughing:

Anyhow. Problem solved for me. Thank you. :+1: