SHOW IF Expression not working I am trying t...

(Jason Spicer) #1

SHOW IF Expression not working

I am trying to do a SHOW IF expression to show columns if they do not equal a value in a ENUM column in the table.

The expressions by themselves work with the <> value, but as soon as I wrap them together with an OR expression, they don’t work and show the column.

But, if I keep the combined expression and change the <> to = (which is the opposite of what I am trying to do), the expression works and hides the column unless either of the two values are chosen. Shouldn’t it work with the <> too?

Here is my expression with the working combined

=OR([Room/Item Name]=“Roof”, [Room/Item Name]=“Siding”)

Here is what I want it to do

=OR([Room/Item Name]<>“Roof”, [Room/Item Name]<>“Siding”)

They work like this

[Room/Item Name]<>“Siding”

but not wrapped up in OR.

Am I just missing something and my brain is not seeing it?

Thank you for any help

(Simon Robinson) #2


OR( NOT([Room/Item Name]=“Roof”), NOT([Room/Item Name]=“Siding”) )

(Jason Spicer) #3

@Simon_Robinson Tried that one and it still shows the column regardless of the content

(Aleksi Alkio) #4

For other readers… the solution is… AND([Room/Item Name]<>“Roof”,[Room/Item Name]<>“Siding”).

(Jason Spicer) #5

@Aleksi_Alkio, Any idea on this Aleksi?

I really appreciate it as it is putting a big road block on my app progress.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

(Simon Robinson) #6

You got “Apply show-if constraints universally” turned on?

(Jason Spicer) #7


(Simon Robinson) #8

Sounds like a bug.

But try this just to prove that theory

Create 3 virtual columns

VC1 =

IF([Room/Item Name]<>“Roof”,TRUE.FALSE)

VC2 =

IF([Room/Item Name]<>“Siding”,TRUE,FALSE)

VC3 =


If it’s not a bug, this might give you an insight as to what is wrong.

(Simon Robinson) #9

Also an issue today where I had to do something like this to get it to work when a column had both integers and text:

=OR(Concatenate("",[Room/Item Name])<>“Roof”,Concatenate("",[Room/Item Name])<>“Siding”)

(Jason Spicer) #10

@Simon_Robinson, @Aleksi_Alkio Apparently, it looks like you cannot have a more than one <> in an expression in a SHOW IF constraint. I have tried every variation and expression component I can find and it will not work, but if I change all the <> to =, it works. I can get it to work with the =, but if someone adds a new item to my enum list, I will have to add that additional item as a new expression, for 30+ columns each time someone adds one. I just want to have certain columns to show if they are not a certain value in my enum list. That way, if new ones get add, I don’t have to add more expressions.

I appreciate any help I can get to get this to work as I am about to scrap a months worth of work (time not spent with my kids and family) building this app

Thank you

(Simon Robinson) #11

@Jason_Spicer Sounds like a bug, report it via - Contact us - AppSheet Contact us - AppSheet

(Jason Spicer) #12

@Simon_Robinson Thank you Simon for all of your help