Show If for Column B based on an Enum Value of Column A

Dear Experts.

I have a Column A which is Enum with options of Yes and No. There is another Column B (Image) which I want to display if Yes is selected in Column A. I am writing the Show If expression of Column B as this - [_THISROW].[COLUMN A] = “Yes”.

This is not working for me. Will appreciate your help on this.


What if just [COLUMN A] = “Yes”


Hello Heru.

I believe just making [Column A] = “Yes” as the show if expression for Column B will not take the dynamic value of Column A which I am entering and which is not yet saved. That’s why I was using [_THISROW].

Please try @Heru’s suggestion. [_THISROW]. is not needed and will cause problems here.

See also:

Thanks Heru and Steve. The suggestion to make [Column A] = Yes worked great. I was looking for [_THISROW] as I thought that I need to keep the values which are getting entered in the form and not yet saved, I need to make them referred somehow.

Thanks again. Appreciate it.


Nope! Expressions evaluated within a form will automatically reference the values of the columns in the form.