Show IF formula

I wanted to make a Show IF formula to show a text box based on the value chosen in the previous Enum. But i want 1 textbox to come for 1st and 2nd enum value , and 1 textbox to come from the 3rd value. Is this possible?

I tried to make a formula —[Column A]=“Answer1”,“Answer2”— but didnt succeed. google couldnt help :frowning:

Thanks guys!

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You can try with

OR([Column A]=“Answer1”,[Column A]=“Answer2”)
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That worked perfectly, exactly what i needed. Where do you learn this stuff, i must read more :wink:

Have a great day sir!

Hi @Aktar_As! I’ve learned what little I know about expressions mostly here on this forum. @Steve has pointed to the documentation that’s available now but, personally, I could use an “Expressions for Dummies” style reference (something that goes beyond what we have now with lots of examples and more detailed explanations). We’ve been talking about that on another thread and I’ve gotten a nice message from AppSheet indicating that improved documentation and/or tutorials are being prepared.

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I have found @Steve Steves recent Updates of the documentation really good. They have good explanations and examples.


My two cents:
Yes… the documentation is evolving and helping more and more. I do find there is extreme power in the formulas, but also knowing where and how to apply can by tricky if you are not as familiar with relational models as well as Appsheet nuances. Without this community (and guys like @Steve, @LeventK, and @Aleksi) I would be lost. This just suggests there is more to do in the help/tutorial/learning space to allow “mere mortals” to continue learning. I am hoping the community Tips and Tricks expands more and becomes a place focused on use cases, formulas, and patterns that may not be so obvious to discover. Thanks for all the time invested helping!!


I agree with @Lynn about @sc2758g’s examples. I looked at


both of which were authored by Steve. Here’s an example of what I like:

OR(([Color] = "Red"), ([Color] = "Yellow"), ([Color] = "Green")) : TRUE if the Color column value is any of Red , Yellow , or Green . Equivalent to IN([Color], {"Red" "Yellow", "Green"}) . See also IN() .

I remember when I didn’t understand what putting something in brackets (e.g [Color]) meant. This kind of explanation shows the learner exactly how the expression should be written and then explains what the various parts mean or do. When I was beginning, this would have helped me learn what the brackets are all about – in addition to learning about “OR” and “AND” expressions. My impression is that, in quite a few documentation articles, some of these basic points are taken to be so obvious by the authors as not to warrant explanation or examples. I’m really glad that Steve takes the time to provide that those details for the benefit of people who are still learning the basics.

Oh, I almost forget. I also really appreciate the links to related articles and/or expressions. On several occasions I have found myself wanting more links like this in documentation.

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