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I Have been beating my head against the wall, I know this is a simple one but for some reason can’t get it to do what I want.

I have a multi-page form that has Enum questions on it. At the beginning of the form, I have a dropdown list of clients pulled as a ref from another table. I want some questions to show up for some clients and different questions to show up for other clients depending on which client is selected from the dropdown. I have tried a bunch of formulas in the Show_if and either they do nothing or more commonly they remove the test question but they do it for all the clients, not just the one I specified.

Thank you for any help on this.

What have you tried, exactly?

I have tried right from a basic
[Client]=“Client 1”
If statement
IF([Client]=“Client 1”,True,False)
a couple of others that I can’t remember from the Conditional Branching post.

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I Did find a work around but seems like it is more work than it needs to be.
For each Client I added an extra column we will call it Group 1 , Group 2 , ect.
then made each Group true for clients that i want similar questions asked. then in the Show_if I used
[Client].[Group 1],true
then only Group 1 clients see this question.

Is there a simpler way?

Please post a screenshot of a Show_If expression that doesn’t work.

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The customer name in the expression may not be the same as the customer in the records. Copy the customer name from the records and paste it into expression. (There may be a space in the customer name, etc.)


Have you tried the Test button?


I Checked that even did a copy-paste but it didn’t help. So I don’t think that’s it.

I Tried the Test button and the pop-up shows headers with nothing populating the Columns.

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That’s how I’d do it. Your expression just need to be :
[Client].[Group 1]

And the blank screen from the Test button just means that you don’t have any records in the table for the expressions to be tested against.


Thank you, that helped a lot.