Show If - multiple criteria

Looking to Show If a primary view only if two criteria are valid. I have a list of members emails (Member_ID) and dates they have signed up for something. I’m trying to show a “CheckIn” form only if their email address is present on the schedule and the date in the same row is = Today.

My formula:
AND(Lookup(“Member_ID”,“Charter Scheduling”,“Member Email”,“Member Email”)=USEREMAIL(),Lookup(“Member_ID”,“Charter Scheduling”,“Member Email”,“Start Date”)=Today())

And the yellow error:
This formula is not evaluated in the context of a row, so column values are not available.

It allows the formula without red error but the view is not visible after sync. Thoughts?

You are currently searching for the text value of “Member_ID”, which is clearly not what you are intending.

I don’t understand enough about your data to suggest how to do what you want. Just that you’re currently using LOOKUP wrong. If you tell us more about your tables and the columns and their types, we can help point you in a better direction.

As far as this goes:

It is merely warning you (and everyone else) that expressions in that section can’t just refer to a [ColumnName] directly, because there is no row to associate with the column to get a value.

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Let me start from the beginning. I’ve created a view that I only want to show if the USEREMAIL matches to a table with a list of member emails. The column containing the emails might have duplicates. So another data point I want to use is the date. So basically, if the useremail is found in the column AND the date in the next column of the same table is = today’s date, the user sees the view.

I’m going to look into Filter function…this might be better logic.

Ah. Got it.
IN(USEREMAIL(), SELECT(Charter Scheduling[Member Email], TODAY()=[Start Date]))


Thanks! Yours is alot more elegant than this:
“Charter Scheduling”,
([Member Email] = USEREMAIL()),
([Start Date] = TODAY())

It works but I’ll try your solution! Thanks again!