Show if not idle

Is it possible to show a specific column only if not idle? How can I do that?

As in like only when someone has interacted with the App recently? Hmm, you can to an extent, I imagine, by utilizing ChangeTimestamp. Granted this would probably only work in very limited capacity and may not actually suit your needs.

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Can you elaborate on what you’re trying to do?

this app is for stock machines listing and also sends emails with offers. On these emails I want each field to show only if it was filled on the machine record. For instance if the field YOM (year of made) has the value 2015 then on the email it shows YOM: 2015 but if that field was left idle then on the email i don’t want the YOM: to show. Any hints on how to do that?

In the email body you can simply construct this:

<<If: ISNOTBLANK([YOM])>><<[YOM]>><<EndIf>>

See @LeventK’s suggestion above.

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